The Astrology of February 2021

This is your astrological forecast for February 2021. I’m going to begin by doing a quick overview of what we can expect to feel as a collective, and then I’ll go into more specifics for each of the signs. So check out the beginning, and then find your sign below.

So the main thing that I’m looking at for the month of February 2021 is this giant stellium in Aquarius. A stellium just means that there are a bunch of planets in the same space, but it’s not often that we have so many together like this. Usually, only 2 or 3 are together and they are more spread out throughout the zodiac, but for most of February, we will have Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Aquarius. And from 9th-12th, the Moon will be there as well.

So what does this mean? This means that we are finally moving on to something new after feeling stuck in the same old stuff since March of 2020. The majority of what was going on in 2020 had to do with planets going through Capricorn, the sign right before Aquarius. But now, the planets have finally moved out of there and are meeting up to compare their experiences, try to understand what has happened over the past 11 months and to figure out how to move forward from here.

Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn will all begin February in the sign of Aquarius. While all of these planets have been hanging out in this area, they’ve also been meeting up with the Sun. This is like a rebirth for these planets- the beginning of a brand new cycle. When the planets get this close to the Sun, we can’t see what the planets are doing because the Sun is just too bright and the other planets are obscured. But once they get past the Sun, it’s like they are born again. Things that had been hidden from view will be visible once more. And just like a newborn baby, when they appear, they will have something to say. Venus enters into Aquarius on the 1st and will stay there almost the entire month. We are all going to be looking at how we communicate, how we bring things to us, how we expand, and how we endure.

The moon joins in on this Aquarius party on the 9th and hangs out there until the 12th. When the moon meets up with the sun, we have a new moon. A new moon is the sun, which is how we build things, and the moon, which is how we nourish the things we build, coming together to create something new. Something will be created and nourished over the next 6 months, in one particular area of your life, that will come to fruition at the full moon next august.

Another piece of this stellium is Mercury’s retrograde. Mercury retrograding gets a lot of flack, but it’s really not that big of a deal. It happens 3–4 times a year. We are way more used to it than we realize. What happens when a planet goes retrograde is that it appears to go back and forth over the same section of the zodiac. It’s as if Mercury was walking down the sidewalk, dropped something, turned around to go pick it up, and then continues on.

Think about anytime you start something new, or have a big project you’re working on. You have to go back and readjust things. Those readjustments aren’t usually a bad thing. And actually, the end result is usually better because of those adjustments. It’s just really annoying to have to do the same things over and over again.

So try to be easy-going, and just know that things might take a little longer than planned. I recommend thinking of the snafus that happen during Mercury’s retrograde as a kind of divine intervention. It is the universe putting you back on track. Sometimes, Mercury’s retrograde does a lot to interrupt our lives, and sometimes we don’t even notice it. How much you’re affected and what topics Mercury’s retrograde will involve for you depends on your rising sign and your individual birth chart.

Mercury started walking down this section of sidewalk on January 15. So whatever is going to be affected for you, would have started coming into your awareness already. Mercury turned around and started heading back on January 30. They’ll pick up what they dropped on February 20, and finally leave this section of sidewalk on March 13. So just be patient with this and try to remember that it’s all working out for your good.

The last, but for sure not least, piece of this Aquarian stellium is the Saturn Uranus square. Saturn in Aquarius is going to square Uranus in Taurus. Saturn brings constraint and endurance and Uranus brings revolution and disruption. These two are arguing right now. This is part of a much larger cycle that will continue throughout all of 2021. There is tension between two sections of your life and it’s coming to a head this month. February 17th is the 1st of 3 peaks in the cycle. It will peak for a second time in June and then for the final time in December.

February is a month full of a lot of change and moving forward. It’s almost like the energy we would normally expect to happen in January when we celebrate the new year. So I’m calling February “the Actual New Year.” So if you already gave up on your resolutions, don’t worry. There’s another chance. This year, we still needed to gather more information as the year began. There were so many uncertainties that we really didn’t know what 2021 had in store for us. But now we know more of what we are working with and we can make a plan to move forward.

The Sun leaves Aquarius for Pisces on the 18th, and Venus follows on the 25th. So by the last week of the month, we should feel a shift, and things won’t be as intense.

Finally, the last thing I’m looking at is the full moon in Virgo on February 27. This is a culmination point from something that was started 6 months ago, during the Virgo new moon, in September of 2020. This full moon is trine to Uranus, so it is supporting and somehow connected to the long-term, steady and focused breakthrough Uranus transiting through Taurus is representing in your life.

So how might all of this show up for you? I’m going to go through each of the signs and list some more specific themes and topics that you can be on the lookout for. I recommend listening to your rising sign, because it will be most practically aligned with your life. But if you don’t know your rising sign, feel free to listen to your Sun sign (especially if you were born during the day) or your Moon sign (especially if you were born during the night). You should be able to find some guidance there as well.

I’m grouping the signs based on element: starting with fire, followed by water, then air, and finally earth.

So without further ado, here’s what February 2021 has in store for you:


Aries: Aquarius is your 11th house, so topics of friends, groups, alliances, and hopes for the future are all on the forefront for you right now. You’re paying attention to the people and things that support you and big changes are happening there. Maybe you’re joining a new organization, maybe you’re making new friends. You’re asking yourself who you want to align with and where you want to be in the future. Over 2020, major shifts were happening in your career and reputation, but now you’re moving your attention toward figuring out how you want to affect and be a part of your greater community. Mercury retrograding here can lead to missed communications with friends, so just call or email them again. Because they could have easily somehow missed your first one. There is tension coming from your 2nd house of resources, so watch out for spending too much to join a group, or the burden of your friendships on your resources. If someone is asking you for money, and it doesn’t feel right, do not do it! Really take your time and avoid rushing into anything that you might regret later. Remember to only spend resources that you would be okay seeing no return on. The full moon at the end of month is happening in your 6th house. So you should finally see some results from lifestyle changes you made 6 months ago. This could have to do with your routine, or your health- the small things that we do everyday that have a big impact over time. Were you consistent? If so, results will show.

Leo: Aquarius is in your 7th house, so topics of one-on-one relationships, partnership, and marriage are in focus for you. This could possibly bring feelings of being in exile. The focus is on other people instead of yourself. Over 2020, you were working really hard. Your year may have been filled with duties and obligations. You were maybe feeling like the work would never end and were completely exhausted. Your pets may have been taking a lot of energy from you and you possibly could have even been forced to deal with sickness or injuries. There are big, long-term changes happening with your career and your reputation and your focus is coming to partnerships- personal and professional. There could maybe be some conflict between the people that you’re with and the work that you do. The full moon at the end of the month is going to bring results from your last 6 months of hard work. You should see these results in your personal resources- your time, your energy, your money.

Sagittarius: You might find that you’re needing to drive a lot more than usual, somehow issues involving your siblings are at the forefront, or you’re thinking about school. Your attention is on your daily routine, your comfort zone. You could be experiencing some changes to your health or your work may be demanding a lot from you. This may cause some tension with your siblings or close friends who are like siblings. Or maybe your extended family- like siblings or cousins- are needing you to do some time-consuming job for them. You could possibly be having to commute or drive a lot for work you don’t particularly enjoy. It’s possible that your pets are interrupting your routine or needing more time from you than you feel you have to give. The full moon at the end of the month is going to bring your career and reputation to focus. Some seed that you planted in your career in September is coming to fruition now.


Cancer: Last year, there were some big changes when it came to the people you aligned yourself with. This could be personal partnerships or professional alliances. Now your finding out what comes with these relationships. What do these people bring to your life? This could maybe bring up questions about taxes or inheritances as well as time and energy used on other people instead of yourself. This exchange goes both ways. Being in alliance means 2 people combining their resources. What are you giving to them and what are they giving to you? You might find questions coming from your friends and communities. Do they support your new or changed partnerships? Do you maybe want to join a community but don’t feel that you can now that your resources are shared? The full moon at the end of the month is going to make you focus on your routine. The larger community that you’re a part of may be affecting it somehow. But changes you put into effect in September are finally starting to work out and your routine should feel more stable.

Scorpio: You are bringing attention to your home, your living space and maybe themes of family are coming up. Maybe you’re spending more time at home. Or maybe you’re doing some renovations. The people in your life may or may not go along with this. You may feel like they’re not on the same page with you or that you’re having to struggle to have your home the way you want it. There could maybe also being some tension between your family and your partnerships- personal or professional. At the end of the month, you may get to join a new group or organization. This is probably something that you’ve been looking for since last fall, and now you finally officially get the invite or attend an event.

Pisces: All of the energy this month is happening in an area of life that is more hidden or secluded. Maybe you’re spending more time alone this month. You might be more tired than usual or really have no desire to go out and be social like you normally might. This is the time every year when you usually feel like this, but this year you will feel it even more than usual. Your desire to be alone might be interrupted by changes in your routine or comfort zone however. Someone new may have come into your usual daily life and they might interrupt your usual flow. You may be driving a lot or friends or siblings might keep trying to interrupt your needed quiet time. At the end of the month, you’ll be ready to be able to come out of isolation at least a little bit, and you may find that your close relationships are waiting for you. You could be getting closer with someone you met in the fall or your relationship might be stronger after getting through some difficult times that brought you closer together since last fall.


Libra: This month, your attention is on your children or your creative projects. There could also possibly be developments with new romantic relationships. Or you could be finding the romance again in an established relationship. Good things are happening and you’re enjoying yourself. Make sure to take advantage of it. Now there is some tension between other people’s resources and this fun time you’re having. So be on the lookout for people in your life feeling like they’re being taken advantage of. But also, try not to let anyone lord their resources over you either. Now at the end of the month, the full moon is in a part of the sky for you that is very quiet. You may find yourself really wanting some alone time. This would be a good opportunity to find a new Netflix show to binge or take a nice long bubble bath with some wine. Just try to make sure not to overdo it.

Aquarius: This month is all about you! Everything is happening to you! Your body, your life, your identity. You just went through a long, and probably difficult period of isolation and loneliness, and now it is time to come back out into the world. The last 3 years, and particularly 2020, have taught you a lot. You may have gone through something like a dark night of the soul. But it’s a new day. Now you get to take all you’ve learned and create the life you want to live, showing up in the way you want to be. Now there could be some tension between who you’re becoming now and your home, You may feel like you’re having to split your energy between yourself and making your home fit how you want your life to be. There’s also a possibility that your family doesn’t quite understand the changes that you’re experiencing, so you could be feeling some pressure there. At the end of the month, the full moon is going to bring up the themes around other people’s resources. So there could be some ongoing changes with your partner’s income or belongings. This would also be a good time to go ahead and get your taxes done.

Gemini: 2020 could have been filled with some anxiety for you around the future and its uncertainty. But you’re through that now, so take your experiences and figure out how you’re going to integrate them into your life. Maybe you’re thinking about going back to school, or you’re really ready to do some traveling as soon as you possibly can. This would also be a great time to reevaluate how you want to incorporate spirituality into your life. Now there’s some tension coming from the part of you that is really quiet. So, spending some time alone and truly processing what you’ve been through over the past year is really going to serve you well. At the end of the month, changes are coming to your home. This could be the culmination point of projects you started 6 months ago. You could also be figuring out how you’re going to create your own legacy with those closest to you.


Capricorn: Changes are happening with your resources. You’re bringing structure there. You need a budget! Maybe a lot of expenses are coming from your kids. Or maybe you’re getting ready for a wedding, and it’s taking a lot out of you. You could also be having to spend a lot of time, money, and energy on your creative projects. There could be some uncertainty here. You could be going back and forth trying to figure out what’s best. But just try to be patient. You’ll get through this. At the end of the month, you’re going to be ready to plan a vacation! Maybe it’s the honeymoon to come after that wedding that is taking all of your attention. Maybe you’ll finally get to go on the vacation that you had to postpone 6 months ago. Themes of religion and education could also be on your mind.

Taurus: Your career is in the forefront this month. You are being seen. You are in the public. Maybe 2020 gave you the opportunity to further your education, and now that’s getting you a promotion. You’re probably working a lot. So just watch out for the stress you could be putting your body through. You could also be asking yourself, “who am i with these new changes?” Does your reputation match your identity. Can you be who you want to be and be successful? You’re going to be wrestling with that this month. At the end of the month, your kids are going to need your attention. Maybe they’re finally going back to school-we could only hope, right? Maybe you’ll actually have time for your own creative projects. There’s also opportunity for romance here- in new or established relationships.

Virgo: At the end of the month, the spotlight is going to be on you! This happens once a year, and this is your time. Something you started 6 months ago, in August of 2020, is bringing you results now. Now heading towards that, you’re going to be working a lot. You might be really busy. You may be pulled in multiple directions by your obligations and have a hard time handling it all. You might be thinking about wanting a change in career. You could consider going back to school, Or there could be pressure from school and work that you’re having to juggle. But by the end of the month, things should be a little clearer, and you’ll have a better idea of where to go from here.

I hope February 2021 turns out really well for you. It’s a good idea to come back and check in periodically throughout the month and see how things are showing up for you. I’ll also be posting weekly and daily forecasts that break these themes down even further. So be on the lookout for those as well. And that’s it. Thanks for reading!